Do Your Employees Understand the Cost of Unionization?

Explain what they need to know.

Building a UnionProof culture begins with understanding, and there’s no more important concept for employees to understand than the reasons behind your union-free philosophy. This brand-new Cost of Unionization resource brings those reasons to light with a simple but powerful demonstration of both the tangible and intangible line items with which unionized workers must contend.

The Cost of Unionization makes it clear that it’s vital to examine the very real risks that accompany membership in a union. Employees will understand:

  • Cost to members
  • Cost to companies
  • Cost to communities
  • Both Tangible and Intangible costs

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Union Campaigns

If you’re facing a union representation campaign, The Cost of Unionization can open an honest dialogue, establishing a foundation for trust and sharing of ideas.

  • Give employees the knowledge they need
  • Encourage company supporters to speak up
  • Open minds to the realities that come with unionization

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Create A UnionProof Culture

This explanation of The Cost of Unionization will help you and your company

  • Foster understanding of your union free philosophy
  • Provide knowledge quickly
  • Create trust  by sharing the truth

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