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Get Your Authorization Card Back!

When a union organizing drive begins, employees can get caught up in the drama and excitement... but then regret signing a union authorization card later. This all-new video for leaders will help you legally and ethically inform employees on how they can revoke their signature.

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Control + Z:

Get Your Authorization Card Back

If employees express regret after signing a union authorization card, your leaders can legally guide them to the resources they need - without risking an unfair labor practice charge (ULP).  

Make sure your leaders understand exactly how the process works:

  • How organizers may pressure employees to sign
  • What the card means
  • How to support employees - legally
  • And most importantly, what NOT to do!

How Can Your Employees Get A Union Authorization Card Back?

How Can employees get an authorization card back

A Union Authorization Card CAN Be Revoked

It's Possible

Make sure leaders know and can communicate that signing a card isn't final.

About The Card

Consistently and easily explain what authorization card is and what it does.

The Law

Outline the legal basics your leaders need to point employees in the right direction.

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"Control + Z: Get Your Authorization Card Back"

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