Decertification:  Explained
In Under 10 Minutes!

Providing employees with the knowledge they need for the union decertification process is difficult. Showing the Decertification Explained video is easy, and will help you educate team members without stepping over that line.

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Decertification: Explained!

When employees express interest in decertifying their union, it's only natural for an employer or manager to be enthusiastic! But the law for employers is abundantly clear: encourage, help, or interfere in any way, and your employees' efforts at kicking the union out can be all for nothing.

This "Decertification. Explained!" video will provide them with the facts and knowledge they need, without violating labor laws that govern the decertification process.

Union Decertification Process

Show The Video, Provide the Knowledge

Unions Are A Business

Explain the true nature of unions, and relate them to other service-based businesses.

There's A Process To Follow 

Direct employees to the information and procedures they need 

Legal Basics They Must Know 

Outline the legal basics employees need to know - company, union, and their own!

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Get the video - Decertification: Explained!

Decertification Window
NLRA Decertification Rules
Decertification Process
How to decertify a union

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