This Video Will Protect You From Online Union Organizing. 

We all know that the online environment has become organized labor's best bud. That's why every company has a fantastic, iron-clad  social media policy in place. Policies won't protect you from online organizing attempts. This will.

New Video: Online Safety For Employees: Explained!

Watch this video to understand the need for online safety education

Empower your workforce with the NEW Online Safety for Employees video!

With it, you'll show employees:

  • That personal and professional safety online ARE different
  • How unions are gathering info and data... and it's all perfectly legal.
  • Why protecting your virtual signature is just as important as protecting your real one
  • Everyone online may not be who they say... union "salting" happens online, too.
  • 9 specific tips employees MUST KNOW to stay safe online

Just $199

Includes one year of instant online streaming. Add a DVD copy for just $25.

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How to Protect Yourself Online

How Unions Organize Online

How Unions Use Personal Data 

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