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Stop struggling to communicate. Your ProofBox library will give you the time to build your UnionProof culture instead.


Hundreds of  video, web and eLearning resources; means you've got the most current communications available today.

ProofBox Labor Relations Communication 

ProofBox is one easy to use comprehensive platform to addresses the diverse needs of your Human Resources and Labor Relations teams. With resources that help build an authentic employer brand and true employee engagement, ProofBox will become your favorite way to communicate with employees on the tough topics.

What Is ProofBox?

ProofBox labor relations communication platform is unlimited access to hundreds of premier-quality videos, websites and e-Learning resources.  Your message can be delivered any time, any where, by any member of your leadership or supervisory team.


ProofBox provides you with access to a comprehensive library of effective, behavior-changing communications and proven content specifically crafted to help you remain union-free. You get:

• Access to Projections’ premier UnionProof videos for employees on topics ranging from new employee orientation to the NLRA to union authorization cards, home visits, even union-specific videos!

• Top-tier training resources for supervisors, including videos and eLearning courses in a wide variety of soft skills and labor-relations specific areas.

• Highly effective union-specific websites, available when and where you need them.


ProofBox empowers your managers and supervisors to instantly stream the exact message they need anytime, anywhere - and you need little to no technical knowledge. You can:

  • Empower leaders with access to content when, where, and how you want them to deliver it.
  • Respond to issues faster than ever with no lapse in response time 
  • Deliver the most current information. Every title - including union-specific videos - include the 2021 data  (financials, membership, and more)
  • Have every new video as it becomes available, including Online Safety and other new Explainer videos!



Little Card Big Troublr

Transform Your Labor Relations Communications

Many ProofBox users  address their union-free philosophy with employees regularly, using these tools to educate employees and  train supervisors proactively. Others use their ProofBox labor relations video resources in the event of organizing activity. 

With your highly effective video, web, and eLearning resources, you have the tools you need to create a UnionProof culture!

The UnionProofing Challenge

When you're putting out daily fires, keeping up with the latest industry news and legal changes, there’s very little time for strategic planning – let alone a union organizing campaign!

But do you cringe when employee issues come up that could lead to organizing efforts, knowing that if you just had a little bit of time, you could create a culture that makes third party involvement unnecessary?

Or do you attend industry events, and think to yourself that “one day” you’ll have time to create a great strategy for a UnionProof company?

You’re not alone.

It’s frustrating, because you know just how satisfying it could be to have that strategy in place – that peace of mind, that sense of preparedness can’t be beaten. What you need is for someone to pull together everything that you need to get started, to make it as easy and painless as possible.

That's exactly what ProofBox does for companies across the country.

Communication is Key

Excellent! Great video with good information and advice for all company leaders, no matter what industry. I agree...communication is key.

Surpassed all Expectations

Projections has always been great to work with. But this time you surpassed all expectations. We placed incredibly unreasonable demands on your team, and they delivered without flinching.

A true business partner!

Excellent video. Projections is a true business partner to companies who want to remain an employer of choice.

You have again hit the mark!

Another great video from Projections. Everything you said is true and then some! Having used your products for years, you have again "hit the mark"!

Keep doing what you're doing!

Working with the entire Projections team was a fantastic experience. They created a visually appealing, robust site for us that not only aligns with our vision, but even captures the "feel" of a typical Cox Communications site. I am extremely impressed with the entire Projections team.

You continue to get it right

After all these years, you continue to get it right. Thanks for the great job

Pam Linebarier University of South Florida

Keeping it relevant

I wanted to thank you and your team for the level of customer service, responsiveness, professionalism in helping us tackle these topics as it relates to our business. Your partnership with us in applying all of these products towards our organizational needs has been outstanding!

Great video from Projections

Thank you! Great video from Projections. A union free strategy starts with transparent proactive communications.

It's about culture

With over 3 decades in this space, Projections is uniquely positioned to help employers maintain a direct relationship with their employees. Projections gets it right- it's about culture.

An Essential Partner

Kudos to the team at Projections, Inc. for once again, proving to be an essential partner in our efforts to remain union free. I’ve been remarkably impressed with the responsiveness, quality of work, and commitment to providing customized solutions to meet our unique needs. I truly appreciate the fact that the Projections team consistently exceeds my already high expectations by delivering on their promises without excuses or surprises. They help make my job easier…so thank you!

Keith Wilson Cox Communications



We'll walk you through the proven strategy hundreds of our clients have used to create their own unique UnionProof culture  - for free! In just 5 days, you'll have the secrets that used to be only known to big companies with deep pockets, and you can begin creating your authentic employer brand.

What's My Investment?

How much is a disconnection with your workforce costing you? Are union organizers connecting with team members where you aren't? How many of your Human Resources and Labor Relations hours are spent on issues that could easily be solved by communicating properly?  Can employees understand why they need to embrace a union-free culture?  A lack of consistent communication may already be costing you a great deal.

Get Started Now For A Low Monthly Fee.

ProofBox is available for just $750 a month with your six-month commitment, or remove the burden of a monthly payment and choose our annual plan.

No matter which option you choose, it includes every video title in our library, and any new resources that are added as long as you remain a member.

  • UnionProofing. Get proactive and start a conversation with your video Orientation, the Explainer Series, "Little Card, Big Trouble" and more!
  • NLRB Election Campaign. You'll be ready to communicate instantly with the Ultimate Defense Kit, including union-specific videos and websites.
  • Supervisor Training. From "LaborWise Leadership" eLearning to a variety of campaign and preventive videos, your ProofBox has everything you need to empower your front line leaders.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required. If you can login to a website, you can use your ProofBox! But if you need any help, the UnionProof team is always available.
  • We Make It Easy! Ready to build your strategy and deploy your communication plan? The UnionProof team will help you get up and running with embedded links, connection to your LMS, and more.
  • 24/7 Access. You and your Labor Relations or Employee Relations team members have password-protected access anytime, anywhere, to immediately address concerns.

All resources will be
 instantly available here.

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