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Speak Up: The National Labor Relations Act, Explained!

Part of the Award-winning Explainer series from UnionProof

Union Organizing can be overwhelming. Make sure your employees Know Their Rights...

The "Speak Up: The NLRA Explained!" video provides your employees with the knowledge they need to understand their rights under the National Labor Relations Act and to make an informed decision..

The National Labor Relations Board protects your employees' right to form, join, organize and be represented by a union. What may not have been explained to your employees is that they also have the right to actively oppose unionization.

Unions will sometimes use the language in the National Labor Relations Act as a rallying cry. By letting your employees know that the Act protects their right to make a choice for themselves, you can create trust.

Begin building your UnionProof culture by communicating clearly.

The First Step To Remaining Union-Free Is Educating Your Employees

When organizing begins, you may be wondering what employees are thinking. That's the first step in connecting.

Some of your employees will be skeptical and others will be believers. The believers feel like they've already made up their minds about unionization. The skeptics, on the other hand, are looking for the truth that matters most to them and to their families.

The important thing to remember is that the skeptics want to be convinced just as much as the believers do, they are just looking for information in a different way., and that can begin with their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Begins by providing the information employees need - in exactly the way they're looking for it.

NLRA Section 8

Educate Employees.

collective bargaining

Keep an Open Dialogue 

union representation vote

Create A UnionProof Culture.

Explain Their Rights -
And Your Union-Free Philosophy.

After they’ve seen Speak Up!, your audience will understand what it means to sign a union authorization card, what the Company's obligations are with regard to the Excelsior List is, and what both the union and the Company can and cannot say or do.

Employees need to know their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, including

  • Joining, forming, or attempting to form, a union, including assisting a union in organizing
  • To be fairly represented by a union
  • Refusing to do any or all of these things.
  • Protected, concerted activity - when two or more employees take action on terms and conditions of employment.

But "Speak Up: The NLRA Explained" doesn't just cover the basics - this video also includes information on:

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    Right To Work States
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    Section 7 & Section 8 Rights
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    Union Representation Election Procedures

The Right Message Is Your Solution...

The award-winning explainer series from the UnionProof team at Projections gives you the ability to offer brief, concise messages that connect with employees immediately, and "Speak Up: The NLRA Explained!" provides exactly what your employees need now.

Keep one thing in mind: excellent communication is the only way to build trust and remain union-free. Companies that understand this are able to create a UnionProof culture.. How? By taking advantage of the opportunity to answer questions, build bridges, and open the door that maintains that direct connection between management and employees.

 Explain Their Rights With “Speak Up: The NLRA Explained”


Don't Let Union Organizing get Ahead of You.

When you purchase "Speak Up," you get a full year of online streaming to make sure every employee, at every level, understands their rights under the NLRA. Even if the union is only targeting a small group, it's smart to educate every employee.

"Speak Up: The NLRA Explained!" helps you begin the conversation about unionization in a straightforward, factual way.

  • 1
    Acknowledge Employee Frustrations and address knowledge gaps to build trust.
  • 2
    Foster Understanding by providing knowledge quickly. This means your union-free philosophy makes sense to team members.
  • 3
    Encourage Everyone to Vote because it's not enough to provide information - employees must be inspired to take action.
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The People Behind Your Message

The UnionProof team at Projections has been helping companies just like yours connect with employees and remain union-free since 1979.

With powerful video, website and eLearning resources - both custom-created and "off the shelf" - your message is treated with the utmost care and understanding, making sure that you're able to connect with and engage employees.

Need more than just video training on the National Labor Relations Act? Check out our full catalog of employee communication resources, here.

UnionProof Team at Projections
Walter Orechwa

Walter Orechwa, CEO, Projections Inc.

P.S.: If your employees are considering unionization, don't delay. We strongly urge you to begin communicating as soon as possible. Check with your labor attorney right away and be sure your strategy is in place. "Speak Up: The NLRA Explained!" is your perfect first step.

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