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The Ultimate Defense Kit includes 5 Videos, expertly crafted to connect with employees in any length campaign, PLUS a union-specific website!

  • Show employees and their families what it means to be unionized
  • Get a simple and proven communication strategy
  • Communicate consistently, starting today!
  • Most importantly, stop organizing now and stay union-free

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Learn about the ONE, SIMPLE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to show every employee and their family what this union is really like:

Get The Best in Union Campaign Videos
Provide the Facts And Keep Employees Union-Free!

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    Organizing - reveal to employees what’s really going on when organizers make promises
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    Collective Bargaining demonstrate that union members really can lose in negotiations
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    Job Security - outline what it means to keep a business going in today’s global economy
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    Strikes - provide a sobering look at what it truly means to walk off the job
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    Union-Specific Video AND Website - Give them the facts! Statistics on membership, elections finances, and strikes are updated each and every year and both the video and website contain eye-opening revelations for employees (and their families) before the vote!
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VP, Airline Industry

"The feedback we received on the Ultimate Defense Kit showed that it was influential in the decisions the employees made. It hit home and raised some good questions, helping them arrive at a decision that wasn't just emotional. It was well the worth the investment - we certainly could not have asked for a better value or quicker response time on your part."

Why The Ultimate Defense Kit Matters


A union organizing drive is stressful enough. An economic, flexible communication solution is key.


There's nothing worse than out-of-date communications. From style to technology to up-to-date facts, your Kit stays current.


Use the Ultimate Defense Kit alongside your legal counsel's recommended strategy. You'll save time and succeed.

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Get Your Ultimate Defense Kit!

The Essentials on Organizing, Bargaining, Job Security and Strikes
PLUS Union-Specific Video and Website!
Just $3995!

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