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"How Can I Get My Union Authorization Card Back?"

If your company has ever been involved in a union authorization card-signing drive, there's a high probability you've had an employee ask you how they can get their signed authorization card back from the union. Today, our CEO Walter Orechwa has a specific procedure your employees should follow if they change their minds about that card!


The Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace interactive harassment prevention eLearning is delivered in separate courses for employees and managers. Each module includes engaging video, powerful narration, cinema-quality production of realistic scenarios, and interactive quizzes. Together, these elements go beyond mere training to effect culture change within your organization! 

Chris Craddock, President

1. What I’m watching… “Hiking with Kevin” What’s that you say?  Kevin Nealon is a former SNL cast member who has also co-starred in a number of movies and TV shows. I stumbled upon his YouTube channel a few months back and have been hooked. Kevin hikes with all sorts of celebrities in the most casual (and low budget) of talk shows. Brilliant and very clever

2. What I’m Listening to... Shane Jackson, President of Jackson Healthcare. I recently attended a fundraiser where Shane spoke of his experience of working with  as a former board member and presently as a consultant. Shane is one of Atlanta’s “Top 40 under 40” business leaders. Jackson Healthcare’s mission is “to improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch” and because Shane also shares the passion for Predisan’s vision, many Hondurans have been provided healing and a hopeful future.

3. What I’m sharing... A Better Leader - Leadership best practices come via Projections online leadership training program, “A Better Leader.” Our clients are loving this easy way to get their leaders into alignment on a variety of leadership skills.

4. What I’m reading… The Final Inning by good friend Kristy Shelton. This is Kristy’s 5th book...and most personal. If this short book doesn’t inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others, nothing will! Kristy shares an emotional journey that will make you rise up and cheer for a group of young men who put it all on the line for their coach (her husband, Cliff). It is a testament to the human will and spirit to fight with honor for those you love. Will this be the Kendrick Brother’s next film

5. What I’m creating… The Respectful Workplace - The Projections team just completed a complete overhaul of Projection’s very popular online, Harassment training, “Harassment in the Workplace” (nearly 1 Million trained in 10 years!). We’ve replaced it with The Respectful Workplace”. All new content, a big, new cast of actors and interactive exercises that will help employees stay engaged and keep companies compliant with new state rules and regulations.

“Always be learning, thinking bigger and taking action to make your life and the lives of others better tomorrow than they are today.” - Roland Frasier

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