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Three Things To Avoid In A Union Demand For Recognition

One of the trickiest situations that lands businesses in hot water on a regular basis is the mishandling of a union's demand for recognition. Make sure that you know the correct ways to decline a demand for recognition. Coming to you from the Projections studio, our CEO Walter Orechwa has three things you'll want your leaders to avoid if they're presented with a demand for union recognition.


The Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace interactive harassment prevention eLearning is delivered in separate courses for employees and managers. Each module includes engaging video, powerful narration, cinema-quality production of realistic scenarios, and interactive quizzes. Together, these elements go beyond mere training to effect culture change within your organization! 

Jennifer Orechwa, Projections' COO

1. What I’m watching... Do you ever feel like you’re talking but nobody is listening? In an amazing 10-minute Ted talk (one of the all-time top 10!) called “How To Speak So That People Will Listen,” sound expert Julian Treasure demonstrates handy vocal exercises and offers tips on how to speak with empathy. 

2. What I’m Listening To... Episode #221 of the “Seeking Wisdom” podcast from the fine folks at Drift. Jacqui Murphy, CMO of Auvik Network talks about how she's scaled from a marketing team of one to now oversee marketing and business development teams totaling more than 50 people. Plus, why she's banished vanity metrics for good, her belief that the magic comes from the people on her teams – not just the data. 

3. What I’m Sharing... my genuine excitement for The Respectful Workplace! This new harassment prevention training is LIGHT YEARS ahead of anything I’ve seen to date. It’s got great on-screen narrators, fantastic interactivity, dozens of compelling role-play scenarios, all delivered in short, memorable, easily-absorbed lessons. Check it out and get a free State-By-State guide to harassment training requirements for every state in which your company operates.

4. What I’m Writing. Working on an article for UnionProof on “The Side Effects of a Union Campaign,” focusing on the fact that while management may be putting their energy into fighting unionization, employees are going through a whole different set of emotions and side effects. I’ve got the help of a number of great consultants who experience this scenario every day. The article should make it to our publication calendar in the next few weeks.

5. What I’m Reading... “Delivering Happiness.” from Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. While I don’t agree with everything Hsieh suggests, his unrelenting focus on the customer and making company culture a #1 priority are right in line with our belief that every company can be an employer of choice. Honestly, I was looking for an inspirational and happy business book to consume on vacation, and this was a clear winner. If any part of your responsibility includes a focus on your company’s culture, I highly recommend it. 

“Always be learning, thinking bigger and taking action to make your life and the lives of others better tomorrow than they are today.” - Roland Frasier


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