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Three Things To Avoid In A Union Demand For Recognition

One of the trickiest situations that lands businesses in hot water on a regular basis is the mishandling of a union's demand for recognition. Make sure that you know the correct ways to decline a demand for recognition. Coming to you from the Projections studio, our CEO Walter Orechwa has three things you'll want your leaders to avoid if they're presented with a demand for union recognition.


The Respectful Workplace

The Respectful Workplace

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Jacqueline Gregory, Projections' Senior Media Writer/Producer

:1. What I’m watching... Michael C. Bush’s “This Is What Makes Employees Happy At Work” Ted Talk video. A quick, common sense guide to…well, what makes employees happy at work, with notable shout-outs to The Four Seasons Hotel and Salesforce! 

2. What I’m Listening To... “The New Celebrity': The Rise Of Influencers — And How They Changed Advertising"segment from the “It’s Been a Minute With Sam Sanders” program on NPR (September 10th). Required listening for anyone really wanting to get a quick understanding of the business of Influencers and their impact on the way thinks are sold today. 

3. What I’m Sharing... my excitement about Projections’ new podcast, ProjectHR, coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts! ProjectHR will explore all things Human Resources related, with an emphasis on making every day a great day at work! Stay tuned for more news and premiere dates!  

4. What I’m Writing… I’ve just completed scripting the LaborWise Leadership Field Guide, a brand new Supervisor training series for Projections and UnionProof that I think you’re going to love! It features a bit of a new approach for us, and one I’m feeling very positive about!

5. What I’m Reading... “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan a marketing strategy book that centers on writing smart answers to tough questions. It not only applies to marketing, but how we help our clients address their own tough questions.

“Always be learning, thinking bigger and taking action to make your life and the lives of others better tomorrow than they are today.” - Roland Frasier

Senior Writer/Producer

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